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Flower Care

Bouquet Flower Care at Home for long lasting flowers.

Trim your flowers with clean and sharp garden shears or scissors to fit your vase. Cut your flowers on a 45 degree angle to allow them more surface area to drink water. Fill your vase or vessel with cool clean water and add flower food if you prefer. Remove any greens or foliage that might fall into the water. Keep your flowers away from any direct sunlight or cold drafts (ie windows, vents, fans, major appliances). Replace your water from the vase every second day and add more clean cool water. You can re-cut your stems a inch to two inches every time you clean your water.  


Arrangements Care

When you receive your arrangement top up the water. Flowers drink a lot of waters, the large the arrangement the more often you need to top up the water. Gently tip your arrangement to one side and pour out the old water every two days. Gently fill back up your vase with cool clean water without damaging your flowers. As flower wilt remove them from your arrangement. As flowers and foliage die they start to decompose and create bacteria in your water.   306-585-6425  Instagram @roseandvineyqr