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Where are your Flowers coming from and how to make them last

Posted by Candace Laczko on

Where do my flowers coming from and how do I make them last? Do you want to know how to make your fresh flowers last longer? The truth is that fresh flowers don’t last forever. The minute they are cut by the grower they starting to die. For example, a standard red rose is grown in Colombia or Ecuador and is imported to Canada. The flowers are transported to our wholesalers in either the eastern or western parts of the country awaiting to be sold. Our flowers travel a lot of miles in order to get to us. Once we receive the flowers via plane or truck, we treat and hydrate the flowers and keep them cold in our coolers to extend their life. Once our flowers leave the shop and go home with you, they are introduced to new elements which can change their life span. Cold drafts, warm lights, and fruits placed near fresh flowers will cause them to wilt. Once you have your flowers at home, they will need fresh water topped up in their vase when it running low on water. Also, make sure you place your flower in a space that is away from heat, cold and any major appliances. The key to keeping your flowers looking gorgeous is clean, cool water every two days and giving the stems a half an inch to inch cut with a clean sharp scissor or shears. Make sure no foliage falls into the water as the leaves will decompose and bacteria can grow in the water causing the flower to wilt and parish. Once a flower or foliage starts to brown or wilt, remove it from the vase. If you keep your flowers happy, they will look beautiful for you for a period of 5-10 days.

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